China Manufacturing

china manufacturingChina has a very strong manufacturing community. There are many manufacturing companies located around this country. Some of the items that China manufactures include parts for automobiles, airplanes, semiconductors, poly technologies, and food. These items become products from China and get stamped accordingly. China also manufactures some medical equipment used for emergency medical services. China can also help people to remodel their houses by manufacturing bamboo flooring.

One of the largest manufacturing businesses in China is the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. There are a few problems with this industry. The government does not provide many incentives for manufacturing of drugs. In the past years, pharmaceutical manufacturing was not as popular as it is today because not as many people had medical insurance. There are currently about 3,500 drug companies located in China.

The electric motor industry has been around for about 60 years in China. Most of these manufacturers produce the smaller engines and there are only about a handful of companies that produce the large engines.

There are several aircraft manufacturing companies located in China. One of the more popular companies is called the Hongdu Aviation Corporation. This company supplies aircraft to the Chinese military. This company was founded in 1951 and is formerly known as NAMC.

Another manufacturing company located in China is there due to the popular technique of outsourcing. The Hunter Boot Corporation outsources the manufacturing part of its business to China. China then manufactures the boots for this company.